Black Ops 3: Non-Definitive Map Rankings

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There is nothing deep about the analysis below, just three guys opinions scored on a 12–11–10–9-etc. scale. I won’t update the lower section since that just shows the take of the Type 2 guys who participated. But if you want your numbers included in the chart, put your rankings in the comments and we will update the post.

Participants: Hippo, Tom, Lion

RankMapPoints (1st place votes)
3Aquarium25 (1)
5Metro21 (1)
6Infection18 (1)

It was interesting to see how the top four maps were so consistently voted in our initial rankings. It will be really curious to see if we get more responses that change those numbers.

Any points listing with a star (*) next to it indicate that more than half the points can from one person, indicating a significant vairiance.

1. Hunted (32 points)

  • Lion: Decent size and different opportunities
  • Tom: Seems like a well balanced map
  • Hippo: Lots of routes to take; hard to get pinned down

2. Combine (31 points)

  • Lion: Definitely the most hectic
  • Tom: Another beta map, smaller which makes this faster paced.
  • Hippo: Small + fast makes for intense games; this year’s Dome/Strikezone/Comeback?

3. Aquarium (25 points)

  • Lion: Too much water and cheap nonsense
  • Tom: Haven’t played this one a lot, but the action in the middle room can get crazy.
  • Hippo: Lots of close quarter fire fights, which isn’t bad, but sometimes it seems like you turn and die constantly. (Hippo had this 1st)

4. Redwood (22 points)

  • Lion: Coolest looking map IMO
  • Tom: I like the sight lines and the various ways to traverse this one. As Hippo mentioned, super hard to shoot down aerial killstreaks.
  • Hippo: Longest sight lines? Hard to shoot down air support; most unique map

5. Metro (21 points*)

  • Lion: I seem to do best in this one. I like the look, the train. There are plenty of long shot opportunities and close quarter battles. (Lion had this #1)
  • Tom: Haven’t played this one enough to make up my mind. I tend to get picked off from the upstairs area when spawning alot.
  • Hippo: Intesnse middle battles; a little too spread out

6. Infection (18 points*)

  • Lion: Too many spots to hide and camp. Plus I hate the railings/stairs in the courtyard. They block too much.
  • Tom: I like the longer sight lines down the sides. (Tom has this #1)
  • Hippo: Love the side routes; too many snipers though

T7. Breach (17 points*)

  • Lion: That middle area has way too many access points
  • Tom: I like the fact that there’s a ton of buildings to go in, lots of different routes to get places.
    Hippo: Just don’t like anything about this map.

T7. Exodus (17 points)

  • Lion: This and Evac have cool action areas that result in a lot of hectic play, but some weapons seem too strong
  • Tom: For no other reason than I usually do really well on this map.
  • Hippo: Fun battles in middle of main building; weird layout though

9. Havoc (16 points*)

  • Lion: Outside of the “havoc” inside the building the rest is pretty boring
  • Tom: Just not a big fan of this one for some reason.
  • Hippo: As long as action is inside building this map is one of the best

10. Evac (15 points*)

  • Lion: See Exodus above
  • Tom: Lots of close quarter fire fights, which isn’t bad, but sometimes it seems like you turn and die constantly. (Tom had this 12th)
  • Hippo: No real open middle like most maps makes for different gameplay

11. Stronghold (13 points)

  • Lion: It looks nice, but spawns are strange and I feel like I am always flanked
  • Tom: Not a terrible map, I just got sick of it pretty quickly in the beta and I tend to get spawn killed by the house a lot for some reason.
  • Hippo: Snow maps rock; just not a fan of the layout though

12. Fringe (12 points*)

  • Lion: There are too many corners and spots to get blindsided. Never enjoy this one. (Lion had this 12th)
  • Tom: I like the long sight lines down by the train on the side of the map and the open middle area.
  • Hippo: Weird and frustrating layout; no favorite spots (Hippo had this 12th)

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