How to Setup Game Share With a Friend on Playstation 4

how to setup game sharing playstation 4

Full disclaimer before we get into this walk through. I do not have a Playstation 4 and therefore have not been able to test out this method for game sharing on the PS4. I know that there is a way to game share on the PS4, so hopefully one of these methods works for you guys.

And honestly, the method is pretty much the same as the game sharing method for the Xbox One.

What is Game Sharing?

Game sharing is intended to allow you to be able to purchase one copy of a digital game on your Playstation 4, and have the ability to play it on a 2nd console within your household. Basically it is intended so if you have two PS4’s in your house you don’t have to buy two copies of the digital game in order to play on both consoles. And yes, it only works across two consoles, you can’t add a third.

The beauty of this process is that there is nothing currently limiting this setup to only working within the same network or household, so you can game share with a friend across the country if you choose to do so.

How to Setup PS4 Game Sharing

  1. Find someone that you trust with your password and that loves to buy digital games. Game sharing serves no purpose if you don’t buy games digitally, and it does require logging in on the other person’s console, so make sure you trust that person with your password. Or, if you know that person personally, and they are local, you can go over to their house and sign in on their console in person, therefore never giving that person your actual password.
  2. Just as with the Xbox One, you will need to log into your PSN account on your friend’s PS4 and then set your account to the Primary Account. This can be done by signing and going to SETTINGS > PLAYSTATION NETWORK/ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT > ACTIVATE AS YOUR PRIMARY PS4 > ACTIVATE. Doing so will set your PSN account as the primary account on your friends Playstation 4.
  3. You can then log out of your account on their PS4 and your friend can sign back into theirs.
  4. Go back to your own Playstation 4 and repeat steps 2-3 on your own PS4, but using your friend’s account.

You will now be able to download and play all of the games that your friend has digitally purchased, on your PSN account (as well as your own games), and your friend will be able to do the same on his console.

Keep These Things in Mind

By setting up your consoles this way, you will always need an internet connection in order to verify the licenses. If you are ever without an internet connection, your console will not be able to verify the game licenses and you will not be able to play. Also, make sure that you do not accidentally log into your friends account on your PS4, while that person is playing a game, as it will kick that person off of their account.

Digital DLC and Season Passes will be accessible by both PS4 consoles even if it is only purchased on one of them, however in-game content like weapon skins, clothing, etc. (micro transactions) are linked to a PSN account, so if you buy a weapon skin, only you will have access to it and your friend will not.

So as I mentioned, it’s very similar to the game sharing on the Xbox One, although I’m not sure if there is a limit on how many times you can set a Primary PS4, like there is on the Xbox One.

I hope this guide helps you get setup with digital game sharing on your Playstation 4, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, however, as I mentioned, I do not have a PS4, so I haven’t been able to test this process, but I will do my best to search out an answer for you if I can.

Now grab some digital games and get sharing!

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