Celebrity Xbox Live Gamertags

celebrity xbox live gamertags

Even though I only know a few celebrities actual xbox live gamertags, I decided to make a post dedicated to them. This will be a running list, so if anyone knows any other celebs or famous people’s gamertags, post them in the comments. Out of the whole list I’ve only played Call of Duty with Robert Kelly and he seems like a good dude. He actually invites me to his XBL parties all the time whenever he sees me playing and he uses his headset to chat it up. So while he may not be as popular as some other comedians/stars it’s nice that he actually participates in the games. You may be better off going to play online solitaire free if you’re looking for celebs who actually talk and give out their gamertags.

Confirmed Celebrity Xbox Live Gamertags

Lord 187xIce-T (Rapper/Actor) – He’s been playing The Division a bunch recently.
SouljaBoyTellEmSoulja Boy Tell Em (Rapper)
MRxzibit38Xzibit (Rapper/Actor)
YouStink2Robert Kelly (Comedian)
Freddee D LBGC – Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit Singer)
Estaban85 – Chad Ochocinco (Football Player)
tonyinegypt – Tony Hawk (Skateboarder) – May or may not be temporary (based on the “in egypt” part), but he posted it on Twitter
lilyachty – Lil Yachty (rapper) – He posted on twitter

So grab some new games and fill up that xbox one hard driveย and play with all these celebrities and more!

This list is a little old, I am working on updating.ย 

Those few above are confirmed via videos, twitter, etc. The list below are UNCONFIRMED, found on random forums and other sites. The ones that end in GWF are “Game With Fame” Gamertags and probably no longer work.

Unconfirmed Celebrity Xbox Live Gamertag

50 Cent – Kid4Life
Bill Gates- MSgates123
Colt Cannon (famous skateboarder)- Coltron3030
Adrian Peterson- SoonerPride28
Matt Leinart- KingofTroy11
Jenny McCarthy – JennyGWF
Dave Navarro & his band- PanicChannel
Method Man – MethodManGWF
Members of the band O.A.R. – OARMarc, OARBenj,OARJerry, OARChris, and RichOARd
Ryan Pratt (from ListAfterList) – EarsP
Michelle Rodriguez- MRodriguez
Willis McGahee – WMcGahee21
Dan Cody- OKDanCody80
Grant, the bassist from underoath: youmissedme
J Allard (Xbox team) – HiroProtagonist
Mei Mei Bong (xbox team) – DragonLady
Dane Cook – DaneCook
Senior Editor of the popular gaming review and info site, GameSpot – GameSpotting
Gilbert Arenas – AgentArenas
Andy Roddick – AndyGWF
Jim Carrey – Jim_Carrey
Mr. T – T100
Chingy – ChingyGWF
Michael Halford – Coola
Bill Gates – MicroBoy
Ludacris – xrider
Bam Margera – Gumball 3000
Brady Quinn – BQuinnGWF
Paul Wall, the rapper – T Paul Wall
Shia LaBeouf – ShiaGWF
Eminem – your_an_idiot2414
Dave Mustaine from Megadeth – DMustaine
Jason Giambi -giambiGWF
Charlie Frye (QB of Cleveland Browns) – BT67

Gamertags posted in the comments are most likely FAKE. The only ones that I know for sure are the ones listed in this post under the “Confirmed” heading. They have been confirmed by the celebrities themselves via Twitter or their websites (or other official means). So don’t bother adding any gamertag from the comments because you’ll most likely just end up playing with some kid who thinks it’s cool to post his gamertag here.

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