Flick HomeRun Mini Review

flick homerun review

Hey, Mr. Belding here. Now I do not condone playing iPhone/iPod/iPad games in class, but I would like to share this very addicting game with you! Its called Flick Homerun! and you can find it in the Apple App Store.

The game is very simple to play. You start out in the minors and the goal is to get to 15 steps so that you can go to the majors! Each step having a different number of pitches you have to hit “fair”. To play you just press the big “Pitch” button and swipe your finger over the screen to hit the ball. Once your experience is full you will be able to upgrade your “Power”, “Contact” and “Batters Eye”. To throw in a little bit of a challenge they give you different balls to try and hit over the fence!

Overall a great game, and very addicting. So head over to the App store and purchase Flick Homerun! for .99! Its a good cheap way to pass some time! Check back regularly for new reviews of different apps!

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