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A lot of people think that it is too late to start their RuneScape adventure considering the game is now 15 years old. You should not let this fact or the fact that it is not like modern MMOs with photorealistic graphics stop you. The game might be old, but it has stood the test of time because of its rich content, the simplicity and the freedom for the players to role-play. However, this does not mean that you should jump into Gielinor unprepared. There are some tips that can help you have the best beginner experience.

All About The Skills

The first step in playing is character creation and customization. This is where RuneScape is still better than other MMOs, even the latest ones. There are no job classes with your character being defined by the skills that they possess instead.

Skills will help to determine what a character is able to do and what content they can unlock. The skills in the game are categorized by their purpose and include:

Combat with attack, ranged, defense, strength, summoning, magic, prayer, and constitution

Gathering with mining, woodcutting, fishing, divination, hunting, and farming

Artisan with herblore, cooking, crafting, firemaking, construction, runescrafting, smithing, and fletching

Support with thieving, agility, dungeoneering, and slayer

It is possible for your character to have any of these skills or all of them if you are patient enough or a completionist.

Having A Type

Despite having a lot of freedom in the building of your character, you will still be defined by the player base. The player base consists of:

General characters which are a jack of all trades

The skiller who completely forgoes any combat skills and focuses on gathering and artisan skills

The pure who focuses only on combat skills and will not complete the other skills.

The general character will be the best for first-time players as you will be able to enjoy everything that RuneScape has to offer. Being a skiller could be a bit boring for a new player, but it will provide you with a lot of gold. It is not the best character for a true experience of the game, but it is not the worst either.

Pure characters are not recommended for new players. While combat in any MMO is very fun, you need to have good gear and you will not be able to make enough gold for this as a pure. It is better to go the route of the general. If you do want to have a pure character, you should have a skiller alt to fund it.

However, you should not get too caught up in conforming to any of these player categories. The point is to have fun while you are playing and to do so on your own terms.

Questing And Friendship

As with all MMOs, RuneScape if all about exploring and questing. As a new player, this is what you should be doing. The quests in RuneScape will vary in length with some being short while others are very long. They will also vary in type with some being a one-off quest and some being part of a series of quests. You will also find some of the quests are repeatable.

If you are just getting into the game, you will only be able to complete novice quests. This is actually a good thing because you gain the experience for the necessary skills and get gold for better equipment. These quests are also fun so you will want to try your hand at them. is also a good site to get gold from.

It is important that you know the type of quest that you are going to engage in. You also need to know what their requirements are and what you will get as a reward for completing them.

If you are not going to be playing the game with friends, you should try to make some online. This is the point of having thousands of players on at once. The problem you might face is that many players are established and getting into their circle can be a challenge. However, there will be other new players that you can make friends with.

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