The Minecraft “Better Together” Update

minecraft better together update

Minecraft’s “Better Together” update has come and gone and with it came several new and interesting tweaks to the game. Whether you enjoy this free-roaming video game about creativity on PC, your mobile device, in VR or a Microsoft Xbox, there is plenty to talk about.

The Marketplace Loses Its Gates

The new update broke down the walls between devices, meaning that players can begin a game on one device, take a break and then continue exploring and creating within their world on a completely different device. Furthermore, players can share invite links between devices, other than the Xbox One, so that their friends on PC can join up with them on a mobile device.


All players have to do to install the Better Together update is to already have a copy of Minecraft installed on their device of choice. While Xbox One players can download the update for free, incurring a small wait time if they own the title on a physical disc; players who enjoy the game on mobile devices or Windows 10 will automatically receive the update when the game checks for the latest version of its software.

New Features and Offerings

The game received a massive influx of data from beta tester’s comments. Here is but a handful of the results of that beta test:

  • Stained Glass for those aspiring to make religious buildings or regal castles.
  • Fireworks add festivity and pyrotechnics to any event. Fireworks can even be enhanced with Elytra.
  • Banners and armor stands for those looking to create the sorts of buildings commonly found in fantasy RPGs.
  • Music discs and jukeboxes to play those discs with.
  • A recipe book and even a book and quill to fill in libraries and keep track of which recipes players have already discovered on their own-rather than relying on a second tab, screen or a quick-reference sheet.
  • New natural terrain features in the form of ravines and coarse dirt.

New Rules

Players have further power when it comes to generating a new world. Players can now tweak their starting map, bonus chest and whether or not other players begin as allies.

Furthermore, players can tweak the rules so that they always know their coordinates, have a natural healing factor and even edit the power and range of exploding TNT. Lastly, the “/tickingarea” console command means that the creating player can establish an area that continues to change and grow despite the absence of players.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Increased world settings for multiplayer engagements involving Xbox Live.
  • Loading screens now feature humorous comments and advice.
  • Alluding to the update’s nickname, there is a new “How to Play” screen for newcomers to have a better idea of what Minecraft is like.
  • More achievements for completionists.
  • Mash-up and Texture Packs will also make their presence known in the main menu and HUD.


  • Audio has been re-balanced so that it does not distract from gameplay.
  • Aquatic vision has been improved for those who like to dive at night after imbibing the relevant potions of night vision and water-breathing. This also means that it is easier to notice new underwater particle effects.
  • Ice blocks are no longer opaque.
  • Maps are off-handed items that also display the heads of players’ avatars.
  • Expanded privacy/access permissions for worlds to minimize intrusions and unwanted chat comments.
  • Players can place blocks as fast as they move, ending the problem of leaving unwanted gaps or double-stacking when hastily building in a line.
  • Temperatures react like real life-the higher you go, the colder it becomes. Players who go high enough in their world are bound to discover ice and snow.

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