What Makes SimCity 3000 More Enjoyable?

simcity 3000

We all have our own version of the perfect world. The perfect town or city that we would like to stay and live in. Well if that’s your dream, your prayers might already be answered. SimCity 3000 allows you to create and take charge of your own urban empire and gives you the ultimate power to create it as you wish. SimCity 3000 is a city-building simulation video game. Developed by series creator Maxis and published in 1999 by Electronic Arts (EA), it was the third major installment made in the SimCity series. SimCity 3000 retained most of the gameplay from the previous edition- SimCity 2000. It is different from Duke Nukem 3D which is a first-person shooting game.

It, however, has more advanced features. The game incorporates new features such as landmarks, maps, waste management, disaster, terrain and building sets for Europe and Asia. SimCity 3000 free download allows gamers to have a look and enjoy the new features to make their playing sessions more enjoyable.


Landmarks introduced were mostly for aesthetic purposes.  Initially, it only allowed you to plant online pine trees. The new version had more types of trees and got rid of waterfalls. Although landmarks were free to build without the player being charged from their treasury, it was limited to only ten per city. Building a landmark exposes the city being built to tourism opportunities. Building landmarks in your city allows you to earn points. They, however, have to be strategically placed. Landmarks introduced included the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty.

Waste Management Concept

As a player builds their city and it continues to grow to medium size, the city accumulates wastes that have to be managed. Waste disposal expenses are on the player. Farms and other agricultural sites introduced in cities with low land value and pollution. They appear on the large light industrial zones. Plants and utility building not only have a small life span but are also vulnerable. This was mainly aimed at lowering the maximum production due to age.


The previous version (SimCity 2000) had disasters such as fire, earthquakes, tornados, and meltdowns which were removed in the new version 3000.  SimCity 3000 had major changes compared to its predecessor in both the management and graphical aspects. The playable landscape in version 3000 has a green color which makes it more realistic as compared to the brown landscape in the previous version.

It also has petitioners and advisors who recommend and help players in the game to aid them in making better decisions when gaming. The advisors are mostly residents of the city and advise the mayor on what to do to make the city more accommodating to its occupants. They advise him on city policies such as tax reduction to favor the residents.

The third SimCity series allows gamers to have more control, with its great features that allows them to have more thrilling gaming experience. SimCity 3000 free download is available and players can enjoy its more advanced features. Duke Nukem 3D game allows gamers to experience a high-quality shooting game. Gamers can enjoy this game by accessing Duke Nukem 3D download. To experience its great features and high-quality visuals.

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