Top 5 Free Android Games

top 5 android games

Do you have an Android tablet or phone? If the answer is yes, you should already realize that you have an abundance of fun games at your disposal. There are plenty of games that require you to spend money, but there are many free games as well. Below, you’re going to find a breakdown of the five best free games for the Android operating systems.


Are you fan of city building or simulation games? If so, you’ll absolutely love Township. This game is completely free to play, but it does have some in-app purchases. In Township, you’ll be required to build your own town and farm. You’ll be able to interact and help others. Don’t worry, because they’ll help you out in return. You can really spend hours and hours building your town!

golf clash

Golf Clash

If you’re a fan of golf, you’ll definitely want to download Golf Clash to your mobile phone. This game pits you against other players. Both will compete on just one hole. The winner is the one who is able to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of hits. If you both have the same score, you’ll go to a one-shot shootout. In that situation, the one closest to the hole will be declared the winner.


There is a good chance that you played and loved Diablo back in the day. If so, you’ll also love Eternium. This Android game is completely free and it closely resembles Diablo. It is a hack and slash title that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The game can be played for as long as you want, without any restrictions whatsoever. You never have to worry about paying for anything to continue playing. Plus, the game gives you the ability to execute special actions by drawing on the touch screen. This game is really a blast!

realm defense

Realm Defense

Fans of tower defense games will adore Realm Defense. The graphics are downright adorable and this game is loads of fun. When compared to its competitors, this game is very balanced and doesn’t require the user to spend a whole lot of coins. However, you must be willing to put in some time and effort to build up your defense. When you play Realm Defense, waves of enemies will attempt to defeat your realm. It is up to you to stop them in their tracks. There are also end of level bosses. You might want to use android hacks to ward them off.

Epic Skater

Do you have just a few minutes to kill? If you answered yes, you’ll definitely want to give Epic Skater a chance. This game can be a little tricky and it definitely takes some getting used to. Nevertheless, it offers loads of fun and will keep you content for quite some time. The goal of the game is to skate as far as you possibly can, while scoring as many points as possible. You’ll need to perform all kinds of tricks to complete the level in question. Since the game is completely free, you should definitely download it to your phone or tablet today.

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