Best Ways To Grow Your Twitch Channel (And Make More Money!)

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Twitch is an incredible platform that allows game lovers to live stream to others while doing what they love and being able to make money in the process. However, to start making money from your Twitch channel, you’ll need to know how to grow it. 

This post covers some of the steps you can take to grow your channel and start making money. Twitch channel growth guides are great for complete newbies, as well as people who are already making money and want to grow their channel further. 


One of the biggest elements to making more money and growing your Twitch channel is to establish a loyal fanbase. A key element to creating a loyal fanbase is to be consistent with your upload frequency. 

This is one of the simplest and most effective actions you can take to boost how many people view your videos. If you’re able to provide your audience with a consistent upload schedule, you’re more likely to notice an increase in the number of people who tune in to watch you every time you stream.

It’s a fantastic way to build up trust between you and your audience and it enables them to share your live streams and spread the word more easily as they know exactly when you’re going to be live streaming.

Being consistent also shows that you take live streaming seriously and that you carry yourself with a level of professionalism. People who inconsistently live stream are essentially telling viewers that they don’t care as much, which makes audiences start to question why they even follow the channel. 

There are so many live streamers on Twitch that audiences can go and watch instead of you. So, be consistent to let viewers know that you enjoy live streaming with them regularly. 

You don’t need to overthink the upload schedule, just make sure that it’s consistent and works well for you and your viewers. 

Setting Goals

You can enhance the benefits of being consistent by setting clear goals for yourself. Taking live streaming seriously to grow your channel and make more money will require you to set specific and attainable goals. 

When you start putting together specific goals, you’re more likely to stay on track and focus on attaining them. For example, you can think about where you want to be in 3 months and begin making strategies to follow that help you achieve smaller goals that contribute to the one larger goal. 

You should also bear in mind that growing a Twitch channel and making more money will take time, so, be patient. If you truly love live streaming and playing games with your audience, you’re already at a great starting point.

Combining the love for what you do with clear cut goals is a recipe for success that may take some time. During this downtime, you can also be experimental and try different things to see what viewers respond best to and what they don’t like so much. 

Creating Value

Creating value for viewers is a strategy that makes viewers want to come back to your channel time and time again. Since there are approximately 2 million live streamers on Twitch, you’ll need to think of something that gives new and repeat viewers to tune into your live streams. 

When people come to your Twitch channel, what is it that they gain? Each person will have their own reasons for enjoying your channel, but you can also pay attention to the more general aspects of why viewers keep on returning or why new viewers tune in.

For example, if you know there’s a new game coming out, you can use it as an opportunity to provide your viewers with a first-hand insight into what the game has to offer. This is a fantastic way to help your audience decide whether they want to purchase the game or not. 

Live streaming enables audiences to have a more unique insight into the game because they can watch you play it live while you give your feedback and thoughts in real-time. 

People may come to your channel for a wide variety of other reasons too. So, be sure to take notes on what people like the most about your channel and see if you can find ways of increasing the overall value so that audiences are more likely to return and tell others about your streams. 

Live Streaming Specific Games

Growing your Twitch channel and making more money on the streaming platform from gaming means that you need to think carefully about what games you play. 

Figuring out which games to play while live streaming can be one of the more difficult aspects to get right. Therefore, don’t be afraid of a little trial and error to see what games audiences respond best to and the ones that they don’t like as much.

It’s important to play games that you love while also finding that middle ground to ensure that your live streaming games that your audience is interested in too. Simply playing games that people are anticipating without having any real love for the game won’t get you very far.

Viewers will be able to tell that you’re not loving it and it can come off as ungenuine. When you’re playing games that you love, the overall energy is better and audiences can have fun watching you live stream. 

So, be sure to try out different games and find that balance of playing the ones that you enjoy, as well as the ones that people are interested in knowing more about. 


Interacting with your audience is a major key to grow your channel. Twitch is a superb platform for allowing you to interact with your viewers in real-time which is why many people love watching streams compared to regular videos of gaming online. 

When audiences come to your live streams, you should keep in mind that they aren’t only coming to watch you play games. They’re also coming to interact with you and other viewers who share common interests.

Consistently interacting with your viewers by checking the chat room is important. This is something that smaller streamers can stay on top of more easily as there are fewer comments to keep up with. 

The people who you do interact with will feel acknowledged and like they’re a part of your live streams. When you become larger, keeping up with the chat room can be more difficult. However, you should always be sure to check it and reply to messages as and when you can. 

Play Games That You’re Passionate About

We briefly mentioned how finding the balance between games you love and games that people are interested in is vital to growing the channel. Well, playing games that you love rather than just what’s popular is another method that you can try to grow your channel. 

Live streaming games that you aren’t so interested in will come across clearly on the screen. This leaves people feeling uninspired and can make live streams less enjoyable. 

When you’re playing games that you love and having tons of fun on live streams, you’ll notice that people are also more excited, which can boost interaction and viewers over time. Streaming games that you genuinely love to play will help your live streams be more fun and engaging and keep people’s attention for longer.


So, that concludes our post on some of the best ways to grow your Twitch channel and start making more money. If you’re already making money you can still use these tips to help grow your channel even further.

Hopefully, you can begin implementing these tips successfully and watch your Twitch channel grow over time.

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