Over 2,500 MS-DOS Games Playable In Your Browser

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Coming off of Ben’s article from yesterday on the state of point and click games comes this little gem that I found this morning, and although it’s not that new, it’s definitely new to me so I figured I’d pass it along.

Archive.org, the same people behind The Wayback Machine, have been adding MS-DOS games to their in-browser playable emulator system slowly over the last few months and I’m still trying to figure out how I’m just now hearing about this. The setup allows you to play (currently) over 2,500 MS-DOS games right in your browser using your keyboard. It’s as if you were living in the late 80’s early 90’s with a computer all over again, and I love everything about it.

Games like Wolfenstein, Doom and, of course, Maniac Mansion, can all be found on the site to play for free. And even though it says that these are all MS-DOS games, I don’t recall Metal Gear ever being on the computer, only the Nintendo, so there seems like there might be some other emulated system games thrown in the mix as well. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe all of these are strictly MS-DOS games and my experience with DOS games was pretty limited to the likes of Wolfenstein and Doom.

Either way, this site has just become an instant bookmark for me and an easy way to kill an entire day if I really wanted to. Hell, this kind of makes me think my Raspberry Pi emulator setup might get pushed aside for a while, since this requires no work to setup and has a lot of the games I wanted to play.


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