Retron Console Plays Retro Cartridges


The idea of emulators is pretty awesome. The ability to play old video games is pretty awesome. But it always seemed like the market was ripe for a real hardware solution. Nintendo did this a bit with the Wii Virtual Console, but it has long seemed like a missed opportunity for someone to come up with something even better. Apparently a company called Hyperkin has done just that. They sell a bunch of “retro” game consoles including the Retron3 which can play NES, Genesis, and SNES games. They also sell retro controllers just like the controllers for each of those systems.

The Retron5 even has HDMI out which means that it will work with pretty much any TV. The biggest problem with the original consoles is getting the video hookup and hoping that they still work. For the most part most of the games are probably just fine, so having this modern replacement for the hardware is really the key.

Of course they don’t sell games because that would be illegal. There are likely many people who still have games in their parents attic or basement, and surely eBay is a source for these games. Garage sales are probably also a chance to find some gems. This is a pretty awesome concept, and if I had old games (Nintendo 64 was my first console) I would definitely pick this up.

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